Guided Imagery

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is a gentle but powerful technique which uses the imagination to access the subconscious, directing the body and mind through metaphors and symbols. Guided imagery is beneficial in a wide variety of circumstances. It is used by athletes to perfect skills, by students preparing for exams, by bereft individuals seeking solace, by patients to facilitate healing, and by individuals desiring personal improvement. Guided imagery involves all of the senses, and when constructed correctly can deliver layered messages full of meaning, healing, and empowering internal direction.

You can make up your own imagery, listen to a recorded script, or work with a practitioner in person. Each person’s own imagination will take over while listening to the imagery and the mind will edit or change the imagery whenever needed for the highest good of the individual. The imagery offers an inner springboard for the individual’s imagination which then leads to accessing their own inner wisdom.


As a Guided Imagery Practitioner, Raychelle is qualified:

  • to hold guided imagery group classes at clinics and hospitals
  • to work one on one with an individual
  • to support hospital patients in dealing with issues such as  ongoing pain, grief, terminal illnesses, etc.
  • to give assistance to clients coping with accidental loss, abuse, or trauma
  • to help clients dealing with depression, anxiety, and addictions
  • to aid clients desiring to improve themselves in a variety of individual  circumstances


Raychelle has had experience using guided imagery with clients dealing with depression, anxiety, abuse, grief, trauma, addiction, illness, and pain management, along with those seeking motivation, personal development, improved relationships, and organizational skills.


How can working with a Guided Imagery Practitioner help me?

Working individually with a Guided Imagery Practitioner allows the client or patient to identify specific areas of concern which can then be personally incorporated into the guided imagery script, making it personal and powerful. Also, having one-on-one interaction with your Guided Imagery Practitioner can allow you to build trust, work through issues at your own pace, discuss ways to enhance the outcome you are seeking, and have someone to confer with regarding problems or concerns as you seek solutions and/or healing. Accountability and consistency are also benefits of working one-on-one with your practitioner.

Contact Raychelle for information on working with her.