A Gentle, Rewarding Class

I appreciate Raychelle's Christian perspectives in this gentle, rewarding class which is as nurturing as it is inspirational. In her gentle way, Raychelle has assisted in clearing out those poor sad (embarrassing) blockages in the unenlightened areas of my life--emotional as well as physical--which, it turns out, seem to be one and the same.

I  enjoyed her gentle humor and understanding disposition. Raychelle's class is like a cool drink of water in the desert where with wit and humor she pours in love and light. It has been an awakening; a joyous and jubilant Spring Cleaning for my Soul! I recommend her class "Release and Move Forward!" to anyone seeking to release blockages of any sort and move forward in their life.

Jan Marie Cannon
Attended group mentoring class "Release & Move Forward!"

Very Nourishing and Uplifting

I loved everything about the class "Release and Move Forward!"  It was a very nourishing and  uplifting.  The personal nourishment has been so helpful along with the Personal Power Proclamations.  There are so many wonderful, powerful tools that have helped me.

The thing I liked the most was your soft, pleasant spirit leading us throughout the class. You are a messenger from God and you have been called to spread the Word.  You are truly a joy to work with.

Janet Keyworth
Attended group mentoring class "Release & Move Forward!"

I Loved, Loved this Class!!!!

I love, loved this class!!!! I always looked forward to coming! I have learned so much and every time I felt the spirit testify of the truthfulness of what I was learning. You are inspiring and a wonderful teacher, Raychelle! Thank you with all my heart!

Amber Bernier
Attended group mentoring class "Release & Move Forward!"

You Shine with Such a Beautiful Light!

I liked the wonderful way you create, nurture us and invite the spirit to teach us also.  I like your smile, your giggle, your love and your trust in each of us.  You are so inspiring and shine with such a beautiful light which has impacted all of us!  Thanks so much!

Barbara Thorne
Attended group mentoring class

Soul-satisfying Class!

Raychelle is amazing and her class was soul-satisfying. I looked forward to every week of being there to receive her powerful insights and to feel of her humble spirit that helped me have the courage to try to change in ways I wasn't sure I wanted to or could. I am continuing to benefit from lessons learned in her class even now and heartily recommend it to anyone who wants to improve their feelings about themselves or how to handle life in general with all its twists and turns. Love you gal!

Kristin Sproat Hess
Attended group mentoring class "Release & Move Forward!"

Brilliantly Inspired Class!

Raychelle’s class is brilliantly inspired and would be useful to anyone of any age.   Homework assignments and reviews help students put theories into action.  Science and research studies of the brain and procrastination help students learn to set up new neural pathways to establish habits to meet focused goals.  The classes are recorded online if you miss a class, so it is convenient and flexible.  The visualizations and guided imagery teach how to direct attention and awareness.  A bibliography and lots of excellent references offer leads to wonderful wisdom.  Like others, the teeny-do idea for me proved to be very simple and powerful, with other mental tools to help you get things done and even make your dreams come true.   Everyone needs their own joy list, for sure!

I’m glad I did not miss the last lesson on vision boards.  The class notebook is now a treasure chest of ideas.  Especially for me, the journaling emphasis has been motivating.  Searching for PPS’s is an ongoing adventure.  I also like the class on recognizing negative voices.  I’m glad you will leave the online links up for another 3 months.  I’m glad I can take the class again at a discount or free if a friend signs up, since it is a class you can take over and over again.

Thanks, Raychelle.  You are a great teacher!  You give insightful feedback and share a lifetime of learning.  It is refreshing to hear a feminine voice on these topics.  Setting goals and remembering our soul’s purpose are often neglected, but demand our attention.  It is wonderful that you offer a class to help people meditate on these important aspects of our lives in a Christ-centered light.

Jane Ervin
Attended group mentoring class

A Wonderful Teacher

During the class "Release and Move Forward!" I enjoyed being able to get in tune, spiritually, with my real self. I loved the guided imagery! Raychelle, you are a wonderful teacher, example and inspiration to me!

Jenefer Nielson
Attended group mentoring class "Release & Move Forward!"

Beautiful Truths and Loving Invitations

The "Release and Move Forward" experience is full of beautiful truths and loving invitations.  Raychelle teaches with tenderness and personal attention that is heartfelt and powerful.  Learning from her is my favorite part of the class.  She lives the principles she teaches, and her light is evidence that the principles work!  What a privilege it was for me to be part of this class!

Deanna Rowen
Attended group mentoring class

This Class was a Godsend!

I liked how much of the Spirit I felt every week.  It was so good! I felt very loved and resonated with a lot of things taught.  I feel this class was a Godsend, really!

Deanne Hess
Attended group mentoring class

Positive Encouragement

I really liked the visualizations and the positive encouragement from the class. Thank you for helping me change my tendency to be negative.

Beverly Royer
Attended group mentoring class "Release & Move Forward!"

One of the Best Mentors!

"Raychelle Later is one of the best life coaches and mentors I have been privileged to work with. In the time I have been mentoring with her, I have grown much more aware of how I treat myself, and now I see the world from a clearer perspective and more positive light. I feel Raychelle takes the time to get to know her clients and brings out the best in them. I have learned and continue to learn so much every session. I appreciate the knowledge, the time together, the skills and tools she has shared with me to nurture myself and to love myself more. I struggle with several personal issues and working with her has proved extremely beneficial in overcoming some of those issues. Recovery and healing comes in layers, in different levels and at different times for everyone.

Raychelle has been a wonderful support as I have worked through my healing. It has been a delight and a pleasure to be able to mentor with her. I feel loved, validated, special, more confident, more secure, and more peaceful having worked with her. I look forward to each session because it is like water in the desert for me. Thank you, Raychelle, for your time and work; I appreciate you and love you. I am honored to have Raychelle not only as my mentor and life coach, but as a true friend. If you are searching for someone to work with who can understand you and truly help you, work with Raychelle! The time and the effort will be well worth it!

Blanca Hess
Personal Mentoring Client

Worth Every Minute of Your Time!

I have known Raychelle for many years and have had the very good fortune of attending numerous classes she has taught over the years, both adult and youth.  I have been the happy recipient of her broad knowledge as well as her understanding of people and life, including our purpose here on earth.  Each class was enjoyable and always had her defining stamp - studiousness, passion, and caring in her presentations.

Therefore, I did not hesitate for a moment to avail myself of her 12 week Vibrant Hope course.  Was I happy I took the time to join others as we were enlightened in ways I had not been before!  Much time, energy and thought were evident in each of the twelve lessons and her illustrations were creative, adorable and memorable - I told her she needs to put those exact illustrations in a book so everyone can delight in them!  Even though I have read many books and taken classes along the lines she is teaching - self-help, ridding oneself of debilitating thoughts and actions, relationships, reaching down to become who we are meant to be - she presented all this information in an easy to understand format, and served it all with such enthusiasm and fun as well as in a thought-provoking manner, so to makes one believe in one's self and be willing to work on changes that will enhance one's life.

We were all moping the last week because the classes came to an end, so I am sure several, if not all, will sit in on future classes just to enjoy the sweet and serene - and sometimes hilarious - atmosphere present in all her classes.  I actually was amazed at the depth and thoroughness with which she addresses her topics and the flowing ease of one topic to another in each ensuing class.  I would recommend this class to any and all - one cannot walk away without a positive change in life and attitudes.  Worth every minute of your time!


Karen Breau Sermersheim
Attended group mentoring class

I Especially Enjoyed the Guided Imagery

Raychelle is a wonderful person! I enjoyed learning from her, the others in class, and most importantly the spirit, which she brought into every single class. I especially enjoyed learning about and doing guided imagery, it really helped me to learn about myself and to connect with my Savior in ways I never thought possible. As the classes went on, I was able to better visualize, focus and really get priceless information from doing guided imagery.

One other thing I have loved from her class, Release and Move Forward, is what she calls 'teeny-dos'. Basically just taking smaller steps to not feel overwhelmed. Whenever I did this I ALWAYS was able to accomplish more than when I wasn't deliberately taking things one step at a time. This is a principle I will carry through my whole life.

I am so blessed that I had the opportunity to attend this class and also be personally mentored by Raychelle. I  highly recommend it!

Jennifer Thorne
Personal Mentoring Client and Attended group mentoring class