Happiness and Positivity

Feb 19




Being Stretched

I love the BYU devotional “Healing=Courage+Action+Grace by Jonathan G. Sandberg. It is one of those talks I visit often. Here Brother Sandberg states: “How is it that a loving God would allow us to suffer? I have come to realize that my Savior cares more about my growth than He does about my comfort. One evidence of His love is that He does not spare me from the suffering I need for my development and progression, even when I get mad at Him.”

We are here at Earth School to learn to be like Him! And that is why we often have hard lessons to learn and difficult challenges to bear. He knows we grow as we are stretched.

Embrace the stretching and acknowledge your progress!  We are on a sacred journey home.


Sep 23




What are you choosing?

Have you even considered the impact of all your little decision and reactions throughout the day?  I believe they are incredibly more important than we realize on a conscious level.

Snapshot:  Your alarm goes off…should I get up or stay in bed a few more minutes?  You choose to stay under the covers making the rest of your morning rushed and incomplete.  Should I fix myself something nutritious or go for a granola bar? Grabbing the granola bar, you remember that you never even opened your scriptures or read through your goals. As you drive to work…should I listen to the news or offer a silent prayer and contemplate blessings?  You listen to the news and arrive at work unsettled, stressed, and rushed.  Read more →

Aug 07




Give Yourself Permission

Sometimes we get stuck. I have found that often the remedy for “stuckness” is simply giving yourself permission to do or become something.

Why? In the past, as children, there were always authority figures who granted us permission. But in adult life, they are merely memories.

We are our own authority now, but often don’t acknowledge it. Giving yourself permission opens doors, creates new patterns, brings positive energy, and removes mental blocks. It’s worth a try even if it feels, at first, uncomfortable. Read more →

Jun 14




What are you learning?

As my daughter was unpacking after her 2nd year of college, I picked up her book, “Becoming a Learner”, and leafed through the pages. Author Matthew Sanders’ main premise is that the primary purpose of college is to become a learner. That struck a chord within because I believe one of the main purposes of life is to become a learner! Read more →

Jul 26




Viewing the Challenge

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about opposites and their role in our lives.

Consider the meaning of these words:










How could we define…

light without darkness,…joy without despair,…happiness without sadness, …success without failure,…peace without chaos,…love without hate,…courage without fear, …health without sickness…and ease without difficulty?

To comprehend one, we must comprehend the other. And to experience each of these we must also experience its opposite. Read more →

Jun 20




Are you getting the message?

Remember when you accidentally touched a hot stove or got too close to a fire? What was the result?


Have you considered the message of pain?

It was so you’d move your hand! If you hadn’t felt that searing, sharp signal of pain, your hand could’ve been seriously injured before you realized what was happening.

Physical pain was the messenger, sending a clear signal that something had to change. Physical pain keeps us safe by warning of further danger.

Emotional pain warns of danger in a similar way. It calls loudly and incessantly for change. Emotional pain invites us to consider a different path, to find new ways of thinking, or to seek help from someone else. Read more →

May 10




Dream On!

How important is having a dream?

Anything you accomplish first starts in the mind as a possibility. As you keep the dream alive, move forward with inspired action while staying consistent and patiently holding out in faith, your dream will begin to form in the physical realm.

There was a time I didn’t dream. Life was so hard, there was too much to do, too few resources and I felt pulled in too many directions. I had given up on dreaming. Surviving says it best… head barely above water. Read more →

Apr 18




Why do I get angry?

Have you ever considered the role of anger? Anger is often seen as a secondary emotion because we use anger to cover-up or shield us from  vulnerable feelings such as shame, fear or feelings of powerlessness. I have seen this anger erupt in an attempt to conceal immense fear.

Yet, Stephen A. Diamond, Ph.D. sees anger as a productive emotion which, when used correctly, can help us move forward. He states that anger can be “an appropriate, natural, and healthy response to frustration, injury, insult, and anything that threatens one’s survival or psychological integrity. We need to be able to get angry at such obstacles, challenges and assaults. Anger can bestow strength and tenacity in the face of adversity.” Read more →