What are you choosing?

Have you even considered the impact of all your little decision and reactions throughout the day?  I believe they are incredibly more important than we realize on a conscious level.

Snapshot:  Your alarm goes off…should I get up or stay in bed a few more minutes?  You choose to stay under the covers making the rest of your morning rushed and incomplete.  Should I fix myself something nutritious or go for a granola bar? Grabbing the granola bar, you remember that you never even opened your scriptures or read through your goals. As you drive to work…should I listen to the news or offer a silent prayer and contemplate blessings?  You listen to the news and arrive at work unsettled, stressed, and rushed. 

And that was only the first hour and a half!

Of course, you could turn your day around at any time and make it meaningful.  But it would take a conscious decision to choose and react differently.

Decisions dot our day as we choose thoughts, actions and reactions over and over and over. In time, these patterns and choices define who we are, what we do, and where we are going.  Remember, even little choices matter.  A lot! Choose wisely…



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