Give Yourself Permission

Sometimes we get stuck. I have found that often the remedy for “stuckness” is simply giving yourself permission to do or become something.

Why? In the past, as children, there were always authority figures who granted us permission. But in adult life, they are merely memories.

We are our own authority now, but often don’t acknowledge it. Giving yourself permission opens doors, creates new patterns, brings positive energy, and removes mental blocks. It’s worth a try even if it feels, at first, uncomfortable.

Start with becoming intentional; focus on your stuck spot. Say out loud, “ I give myself permission to ___________________(live a happy life, change my viewpoint, become healthy, make money, find friends, have an abundant mindset, find gratitude for my blessings,  trust God….etc.)”  You fill in the blank!

Say this with emotion while visualizing the change. If needed, say this often throughout the day. As your energy comes into alignment with your words— you will eventually feel a shift and can then move forward. Happy journeys!



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