What are you learning?

As my daughter was unpacking after her 2nd year of college, I picked up her book, “Becoming a Learner”, and leafed through the pages. Author Matthew Sanders’ main premise is that the primary purpose of college is to become a learner. That struck a chord within because I believe one of the main purposes of life is to become a learner!

Sanders stated some principles of learning which I resonated with, such as: “The most important things you learn will not be graded.” As you review your life of learning, isn’t that true?

“You must take responsibility for your learning” and “Learners are courageous” are two more insightful principles. Yes! In college and in life, we must take responsibility for what and how we are learning and this will at times call for courage!

“Learning requires humility” was the last principle he shared. Oh, how true that is in life! We have to be okay with not knowing all the answers, looking silly as we learn new skills, and facing embarrassment as we learn what not to do through our mistakes. And remember, we are learning even when we don’t intend to do so—through a myriad of earthly experiences. Being aware will guide us to be better learners.

So open your heart to the learning before you–wherever your path leads! 


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