Is it time to see what’s really there?

A few weeks ago, my husband, Tim, and I decided to finally update our bedroom. The past décor (or lack of it) had evolved from years of making do. It was definitely time for change! Monday, after setting up our new white bedstead, we realized how worn and mismatched the other furniture was and how our room had become a catch-all!  The blanket to take back to my daughter, shoes to give away, scouting books, various CDs, birthday gifts for grandchildren, a stack of books, and more were all tucked here and there.

It is fascinating to realize we had lived with such clutter and didn’t even notice it until a big change helped us see our space with new eyes. This same shift of awareness happens in emotional healing work as we start to improve ourselves internally. When we make that first big change, much of the old stuff comes into our awareness and we finally notice all the clutter. This can be disconcerting or a bit embarrassing, but remember: awareness is the first step to change! So be grateful, hold steady with your desired results, and dig into the pile! Cleaning up the mess is liberating!


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