Viewing the Challenge

Lately, I’ve been thinking a lot about opposites and their role in our lives.

Consider the meaning of these words:










How could we define…

light without darkness,…joy without despair,…happiness without sadness, …success without failure,…peace without chaos,…love without hate,…courage without fear, …health without sickness…and ease without difficulty?

To comprehend one, we must comprehend the other. And to experience each of these we must also experience its opposite.

As you know, our journey will not always be along smooth sunlight paths edged with daisies. We find dark, difficult mountain trails have lessons and blessings we could gain in no other way.

Then why do we get upset, frustrated or, even at times, angry with God in the midst of some trials?  Why do we doubt ourselves, wondering if we just weren’t good enough to merit desired blessings?

The key is to view trials and challenges as vital stepping stones along our journey to become like Christ. They are catalysts for potential change, growth and progression if we choose to let them teach us.

And here we can even find a sweet measure of gratitude while the tempest rages.

Remember….the storm cloud ahead might just be your passport to combating negative thinking, or learning to love more unconditionally!

Here’s to growth and progression!







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