Imagination: Key to Success!

How important is imagination?  I remember, as a girl, being reprimanded for daydreaming at school. Did this happen to you, too? I think I turned off some of my ability to imagine then, so I could pay attention more readily.  Over recent years, I have become aware of how important our imagination really is!  It can hold huge fears which keep us trapped and it can hold great dreams which propel us forward toward amazing outcomes. 

As a guided imagery practitioner, I help clients use their imagination each time I work with them. I guide them on a symbolic journey in their mind to help with a myriad of situations. As they visualize themselves accomplishing a tough goal, acting courageously, releasing certain fears, or acquiring positive traits, they receive strength and increased ability towards the outcome they are seeking. It is a remarkable experience!

Imagination is used daily in countless ways. Planning, cooking a meal, preparing a presentation, and creating a blueprint all use imagination.  Anyone who has achieved success on any level used their imagination to get there! Visualizing your path and seeing your goal already accomplished in your mind is a great motivator and one of the key building blocks of success.

So keep your imagination alive!  It will serve you well.






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  • Jan Marie on Jan 20, 2016 Reply

    Beautiful. Thank you, Raychelle.

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