Take the High Road!

“Take the high road!” You may hear this when being given advice to let go of a petty grievance or forgive someone. But what does taking the high road really mean?  I believe it is being true to the highest in ourselves and others.  Let me explain:

Taking the high road is being able to set and clearly explain appropriate boundaries and hold to those boundaries when needed. Others may throw tantrums or act inappropriately then turn around and want you to take responsibility for their actions. This is where you stand in truth, and allow them to experience the consequences of their own actions.

For example, if your son’s chore is to clean the bathroom, but he never gets around to it, so YOU give in and clean it—that is NOT taking the  high road! That is letting him abdicate his responsibility. Taking the high road, in this instance, would be holding him responsible to do the work that he has been assigned, and showing forth love while not berating him.  And then letting consequences happen (like withholding privileges) until he chooses to act more responsibly.

Taking the high road never means you allow someone to abuse you, threaten you or bully you. It also doesn’t mean that you become an enabler or a doormat.  These scenarios never honor the highest in ourselves and others, but drag us down into dysfunction and darkness.

So, when you take the high road you take responsibility for your actions and help others take responsibility for theirs. You resolve problems without fanfare and  live in integrity, being honest in your dealings. You get to the truth of the situation as you help find solutions that work for all involved. And when you take the high road in an argument, you choose not to respond in negative or demeaning ways. Instead,you respond in ways which show respect and consideration.

Taking the high road will help keep your own life in balance. It allows you greater peace of mind and personal empowerment where you live from a place of deliberate creation instead of constant reaction.







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