Nurturing Self

As summer fun has turned into school schedules, and life has moved to more structure, it’s now time to think a little bit about yourself! Have you put yourself on your to-do list yet? Taking care of ourselves is often on the bottom of the list or left off all together! Why?

I believe it’s because we mistakenly think that putting everything and everyone else at the top of the list is an act of humility. Yet, when Christ told us to put God at the very top of our list and our neighbor up there too, He didn’t leave us out! He commanded us to love others like we love ourselves. Sounds like taking care of oneself is pretty important in the eyes of God.

When we place ourselves last, we become emotionally, spiritually, or physically depleted, no good to anyone. Yet, when we’ve nurtured and cared for ourselves, we now have ready resources and renewed vitality so we CAN lift another, strengthen the weary, or comfort the heartbroken.

And, with spiritual, physical, and emotional self-care in place, a wonderful by-product emerges. As we continue to show honor and respect to ourselves, amazingly, we gain more self-confidence which leads to an understanding of our true worth!  Start today!  Start with YOU!



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