Autumn’s Message

This morning as I stepped outside to gather cucumbers and tomatoes from my garden, I felt it! Autumn had arrived! That certain feeling in the air: a crispness, an expectancy, transient beauty–ever changing, earthy, yet almost surreal. I breathed it in—breathed autumn deep into myself, sensing a gentle tugging on my heart. Autumn never lingers long. She is gone before we tire of leaves turned russet, gold and red.  Fields of deep orange pumpkins and squashes with dried amber corn stalks standing at attention remind us of pending change.

Yes, autumn touches a deep cord within each of us. Autumn, in all its glorious splendor, will not last, so we must savor it even more deeply, knowing it will be overtaken soon with stark, bare trees standing silent in winter’s snow.

How I love this season for it teaches me to be present, to stop my doings and enjoy the now, to be grateful for the moment, to notice beauty displayed at every turn. So, drink in autumn’s message! Treasure today. Relish beauty. And live in heartfelt gratitude for life itself!


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  • Jan Marie on Sep 18, 2014 Reply

    Lovely message!

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