Courage and Risk

This week I’ve been rereading a fascinating book by M. Scott Peck, “The Road Less Traveled.” Peck writes,

“Courage is not the absence of fear; it is the making of action in spite of fear, and moving out against the resistance engendered by fear into the unknown and into the future. On some level spiritual growth, and therefore love, always requires courage and involves risk.”

I know people are often fearful of getting hurt, of possible pain or loss.  We have all seen people who stay here in this wasteland of non-possibility. They may look somewhat comfortable but beneath the surface all is stagnant. If kept up, rot sets in; their quality of life deteriorates.  Here experience is, in a sense, thwarted.

Loving fully, truly living, growing, and changing all involved risk and require personal courage. The shallow existence of superficial living keeps us locked in deep ruts on the road of life. Kind of paradoxical, isn’t it?  But choosing to live from a place of courage and faith, willing to risk loss or experience pain unlocks this self-imposed prison. Choose life and growth and we also choose the possibility of loss and pain. To live fully means we will encounter hurt, heartache, and injury.  And to live fully means we will also experience the satisfying and rewarding aspects of deeply loving and truly living which are joy and happiness. Having experienced both sides of the spectrum, life has more meaning, substance and depth, bringing with it a certain wisdom we could acquire in no other way.


  • Tim Later on Jun 02, 2014 Reply

    Courage to love each other without conditions is the deepest expression of Christ-like love. It is the purest form of emotional integrety when we can communicate heart to heart, spirit to spirit.

  • Jan Marie on May 29, 2014 Reply

    Very poignant. Thank you.

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