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Mentoring with Raychelle

Perceptive and intuitive, Raychelle mentors with understanding, compassion and candor. She is passionate about helping you find clarity and direction, embrace your life’s mission and turn your dreams into vivid reality! Embark upon the thrilling adventure of personal growth and  find joy from living at higher levels. Create a life where miracles and magic happen!

What is Guided Imagery?

Guided imagery is a gentle but powerful technique using the  imagination to access the subconscious, directing the body and mind through metaphors and symbols. Guided imagery is beneficial in a variety of circumstances. It is used by athletes to perfect skills, by students preparing for exams, by bereft individuals seeking solace, by patients to facilitate healing and by individuals desiring personal growth. Guided imagery delivers layered messages full of meaning, healing and empowering internal direction.

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I offer a free phone consultation to see if my mentoring style and personality fit your needs. This call will allow us to get to know each other, discuss your challenges and goals, and help you better understand my mentoring approach.

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Liliana Vercellotti - Oct 30, 2014

“Working with Raychelle has been one of the most effective tools in helping me through a time of major loss in my life.

As an Executive Coach myself, working with clients in the nonprofit sector, and having met and worked with other life and business coaches, I can recognize when I am in the presence of an outstanding coach.

What I valued most in Raychelle’s approach is the balance between compassionate listening and applying valuable techniques that encouraged me to move forward with plans of action. Her practicality, positive thinking, and driven personality kept a balanced pace in the coaching sessions. She helped me to see my strengths, which, at the time, were overpowered by feelings of sadness, loss, and hopelessness.

The emotional release work she offers is targeted to each specific client. I never felt Raychelle was pushing something on me that was not my style. I am very practical and she worked with that aspect of my personality very well, yet, she was still able to help me release some of the negative emotions around the devastating experiences I was going through.

I would recommend Raychelle to anyone who is looking for a Life Coach to help them through major life changes. She is there for you. She is non-judgmental, genuine and caring. She also possesses a lot of life experience which I feel has helped her develop the skills she shares in her sessions. I couldn’t have worked with a more authentic, compassionate, engaged listener, and practical, action-oriented coach.

Her coaching toolkits and techniques are comprehensive in a way that I believe everyone can benefit by working with her.”

Liliana Vercellotti,

Bachelor Soc.Wrk, MPA, C.E.C. Royal Roads University.

Liberty Palfreyman - May 7, 2013

“I give my highest recommendation to Raychelle Later, Life Coach, for anyone looking to transform their life for the better. In the time I have worked with her, I have experienced great healing in my heart from past wounds and blockages. I now feel the freedom and clarity to move forward into a new life of exciting possibilities.

Raychelle is an exceptionally loving, insightful, and empowering mentor. She is very spiritually sensitive and intuitive of my needs. She has the wonderful ability to help me work through my baggage, while at the same time giving me the tools to move forward and not stay stuck in old patterns.

Raychelle is a gifted teacher and is helping me learn and apply the skills I need to better my life. She radiates great love and faith in my ability to achieve my goals, but understands my need to move forward at a pace I am comfortable with. I know that as I continue to apply the skills she has taught me, I will feel the peace and empowerment I’ve always wanted.”

Liberty Palfreyman